New Patients

As a New Patient, Here's What to Expect:

At your first appointment at EHS, please show up 15 minutes before your appointment time to begin the paperwork. You will be asked to print and fill out primary paperwork at home (New Patients -> Patient Forms) to bring in. Please bring your photo ID and any insurance cards. Once in office, we will establish you as a patient and have you click through our computer questionnaire.

Once you have completed this paperwork, the doctor will bring you back and start the new patient exam and address the issues that you are currently having, as well as discussing past medical history and additional symptoms that you have experienced. 

The doctor will then perform a comprehensive exam, checking out neurologically, orthopedic testing and anatomical function. The doctor will then discuss treatment plan options and start addressing the problem that day with a treatment. Please allow 60-90 minutes for the initial visit to allow us to cover exam and treatment sufficiently. 

Once treatment is completed, the doctor will bring you back to the front and you can schedule for follow up appointments. Appointments after this should last anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on the complexity of your complaint. 

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