My orthopedic surgeon diagnosis was a problem with the piriformis muscle and prescribed therapy. I wasn’t happy with the therapy, so I went to see Dr. Paul Kukes at Elite Health Solutions. Dr. Kukes performed an extensive evaluation and was somewhat skeptical of the orthopedic’s diagnosis. Dr. Kukes’ plan was to see if I responded to treatment and do more diagnostics if I didn’t. After 2 sessions, Dr. Kukes was pretty certain that the piriformis wasn’t the only problem and wanted an MRI. Since my orthopedic would not return my calls, Dr. Kukes scheduled the MRI. Sure enough, the MRI revealed a hamstring tear. I am so impressed with Dr. Kukes attention to detail when dealing with my injury. It would have been very easy for him to treat me for several sessions before recommending alternatives. Instead, Dr. Kukes took the time to talk with me about the pain I was experiencing, asked me detailed questions and listened to my answers. His top priority was for me to get better; not to keep me as a patient. He was also very helpful with my search for a new orthopedic. You can bet that once the hamstring tear has healed I’ll be back to Elite Health Solutions for maintenance of the usual aches and pains associated with triathlon training.
– Paul S

I came in with severe neck pain & when I left I felt great. Dr Kukes was so helpful and I’m excited to continue to work out the problem areas. Great appointment.
– Kayla W

Cannot say enough positive comments about Elite Health Solutions! I spent almost all of my Christmas vacation with an aching back and neck. After one visit, Dr. Karpinski had my back and neck feeling 100% better. Not only did he help me physically, he also talked to me about exercises I could do to prevent a reoccurrence of my problems. I will definitely recommend Elite Health Solutions!!!
– Lee R

Very impressed with their knowledge of the body! Feeling better after just 1 visit! Hope it continues. They seem to care about the person, not the money!
– Deb A

I have received ART over the past three months. I was absolutely shocked at how much relief I felt after just one ART treatment. My tingling, numbness and pain has significantly improved over the course of my treatment. Dr. Kukes is extremely knowledgeable and continues to amaze me when he goes right to the areas that need to be worked out in our sessions. The staff at EHS is professional and cutting edge in regards to patient financial services. My overall quality of life is great compared to this time last year. My only regret is not going for treatments sooner.
– Elizabeth W

An honest and unsolicited opinion…I went to EHS after having a very negative chiropractic experience. The previous doctor was a “rack ’em and crack ’em” chiropractor who got you in and out in a hurry, preached he was about holistic health; but, he was about mass production. Dr. Kukes took the time to understand my issue. I needed chiropractic care, but what I really needed was muscle active release therapy. He also talked about nutrition and provided exercises to strengthen and stretch my muscles. They care about helping you feel better, not just until the next visit, but for the long-term. I appreciated it!
– Jill W

I just started going to see Paul at Elite Health Solutions. I have seen him twice so far and love it. I heard about Paul and Elite Health Solutions through a friend and she has not steered me wrong. When I run I self-diagnosed my knee problem as problems with my IT band. After a careful exam, I was surprised to say I was right with my diagnosis. On my first night Paul started with treatment for my problem and when I went for a run the following day I was able to run further without pain. When I saw him next he listened and asked about improvement before continued treatment. Through his exam he also noted other areas that I could improve on, and we have also started work on those. What is wonderful about Paul is, is that he is also a certified personal trainer, and I have given my trainer permission to communicate with Paul about things he is noticing about my movement patterns and together they have some up with a plan to help me.
– Hope R

Dr. Karpinsky help with tendonitis in my elbow when I was in the area. I would recommend Elite Health Solutions to everyone!
– Cindy G

I put up with various aches and pains for weeks but after just 3 visits I feel like a new person! Can’t believe I waited so long!
– Trudie B

Thorough, thoughtful and professional I have been seeing Dr. Kukes for about 3 months now. I originally went in with pretty severe shoulder pain and limited range of motion. I was skeptical that I needed to see a chiropractor, but was intrigued by the ART or Active Release Technique that was recommended to me. I was hoping for a few treatments to eliminate the shoulder pain and some exercises I could do on my own. After a complete assessment and some initial ART and soft tissue work along with those shoulder exercises it was clear things weren’t improving as we had both hoped/expected. I was referred for an MRI that confirmed a rotator cuff tear ~ So much for my ‘quick fix’ expectations. After seeing an Orthopedic surgeon, I have chosen an aggressive but conservative approach to try and avoid surgery. Dr. Kukes has not only been supportive of this, but is constantly looking at different ways to achieve results. We continue to work towards a pain free solution and are gradually making progress. The entire team at Elite Health Solutions is friendly, dedicated to helping you achieve a pain free resolution and generally concerned about your over all well being. I would highly recommend any of them to help you achieve these goals.
– Kelly S

They are very good. He doesn’t lock you in any kind of plans and he actually works on getting you out of his office versus keeping you to continue as a patient.
– Melinda W

I am the Massage Therapist that works in their office. Although, I have my own business and do not work directly for them, I have had the opportunity to see them at work. I would highly recommend these doctors. I have seen their work ethics, knowledge and values. They are interested in quality not quantity. They are about helping heal a patient thoroughly not only through typical Chiropractic care, but overall wellness with exercise and nutrition to facilitate healing more quickly as well as aid in prevention. I am proud to work here!
– Mark Kennon, LMT

I am an avid runner, and anyone that runs know that injuries and aches and pains sort of come with the territory. Dr. Kukes always addresses any of those injuries or pains that arise with precision and determination. I particularly enjoy that these chiropractors are more involved in your health than just a typical adjustment. A.R.T. or active release technique is an excellent form of soft tissue therapy for any athlete- it has helped me on numerous occasions. I appreciate Dr. Kukes’ dedication to improving your overall health. I highly recommend Elite Health Solutions!
– Abby H

Dr Kukes is a miracle worker! I went in after spending 6 -8 weeks with various aches and pains in my knees, hips, feet, back. I was a mess. After my first visit, I felt so much better and hate that I waited as long as I did to make an appointment. After a few visits I was 100% better. They really do work to identify and fix what is causing your issues in the first place so you can get better and stay better! They are extremely professional and friendly. Now any little thing that goes wrong, I can’t wait to go visit and ask them about it. They are extremely knowledgeable and make you feel so comfortable! I highly recommend Elite Health Solutions!

Unbelievable!!! I feel like myself again…for the first time in two months. Would recommend this place to anyone!!!
– Lee R


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